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About Me

With More than 20-year experience working with clinical research and Experience in conducting phase I, phase II, phase III and phase IV studies as Clinical Research Associate, Global Clinical Project Manager, Clinical Operations Manager and Associate Director, Caroline Manzan has 13-year experience leading teams of Clinical Research Assistants, Clinical Research Associates and Clinical Leads.


Our mission is to provide innovative solutions and support to clinical research companies and professionals based in knowledge, ethics and high performance fostering quality and confidence for an excellent execution and results.


An innovative approach for a dynamic market

Clinical research is changing every day and it will continue changing faster each day.

Professionals and technology must work together for better results.

Professionals have to increase their critical thinking, decision making and influence based on solid hard skills, knowledge and ethics.

Technology has to enable clearer and easier decisions to be made.
Both together can leverage results to better and faster medical evidences and drive medicine to the next level.

Solutions in Clinical Trials

Training Programs

Programs based on strong clinical research foundation, tecnique and soft skills to excel results and engagement.

Strategic Consulting

Processes evaluation and diagnosis, action plan creation and follow up with the clinical team working together to smarter and faster outcomes.

CRA Excellence Center

Trained and Certified CRAs ready to start working.

Independent Audits

Clinical trial evaluation as a quality control action to ensure compliance with protocol, SOPs, GCP and applicable regulatory requirements and preparation for possible inspections.

We Offer the Best Training Programs in the Market

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